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Telemedicine is the health care practice of treating patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other using telecommunications technology.

Telemedicine supports traditional in-person care. It doesn’t replace it. It provides appointment flexibility for follow-up visits, renewal of prescriptions, check-ups, and check-ins when necessary.

Benefits of Telemedicine.

Safe & secure. You avoid the risk of exposure and the chance of spreading your illness to someone else when you stay at home. 

Convenient & easy to use. Accessing and starting your appointment is as easy as clicking on a link. Our staff is available to guide you through the entire process.

Improves quality of care. It allows you to see your doctor as often as you need to seamlessly. 

Cost-efficient. It saves money on gas. 

Time-Saving. There’s no wasted time commuting to and from the doctor’s office or time spent standing by in the waiting room.  

Increases access to care. Barriers like access to reliable transportation or scheduling constraints are no longer an issue. 

Eliminates child or eldercare issues. No need to find alternative care for the loved ones you are responsible for during trips to the doctor. 

At Advanced Internal Medicine Care, we are whole-heartedly committed to the care and safety of our patients and that will never change, not today, not tomorrow, not via Telemedicine.

What you need.

  • Email access

  • Good Internet access

  • Computer with a camera, speaker, and a microphone.

  • Or a Smartphone with a camera, speaker, and a microphone.


Patients who currently have an appointment may be contacted.

If you agree to Telemedicine a link will be sent to you. Just follow the instructions.

For future appointments, when the appointment is made, depending on the purpose of the visits, you may be offered Telemedicine. If you accept, our staff will guide you through the process.

If you prefer, you may still visit our clinic and see your provider.

We are open and ready to continue helping you keep your health strong.

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